Getting it Together: Phase One

photo (9)
The (infamous) Laundry Room

I’m pretty convinced that socks crawl into my laundry room to die. You know the look, tired, bedraggled, formerly white but now gray, holes in the toes and heels..ready for the trash heap. If only. At our house, apparently the socks have found their very own graveyard in what was previously my laundry room. How do they get there? Do they plan a trip that involves some kind of last rites for sockies everywhere? Quite frankly, I’m rather tired of finding these poor, tired versions of their former selves. So, to that end, it’s time to clear them out! (Along with all the other odiferous offerings that have decided to take up residence in there.)

Therefore, Phase One of my New Year regime will be cleaning out and organizing the Laundry Room for the next week. I have enlisted the help of my fearless Hubby to finish the ceiling texture and help me maneuver large appliances while I paint. Then, in his heroic effort (aka helping his poor wife who is drowning in neverending piles of laundry and whatever latest non-toxic cleaning apparatus she feels is necessary), he will hang our cabinet that has been languishing on the floor for entirely too long. I think perhaps the cabinet is starting to feel threatened by the socks and is looking forward to its future elevated status.

Believe it or not, that picture is actually showing progress. Before, I couldn’t even get my laundry bins in there. Any ideas for a good paint color? I was thinking maybe a pale, pistachio green with white trim. Anything to make it feel fresh in there…


P.S. Please feel free to leave an handy laundry organizing tips that you have found helpful. I could certainly use the help!

New Year. New Home.

winter coffee

Well, as you may have noticed, Hip Petunia Studios has a new blog home. Again.

While changing platforms every year is not my idea of a good time, it was a necessary move for my own sanity and the sanity of those around me. I think my husband was tired of listening to me rant about trying to upload photos on my old blog site.

So, in the interest of getting the intro out of the way, welcome to my new, ( and hopefully last for quite some time,) blogging platform. Pull up a chair and get comfy, grabĀ a cup of coffee and let’s chat. I guarantee if I’m writing I’m drinking a cup right along with you.